Why You Should Invest in Good Design by Madeline Robles

Whether you are developing a personal brand or maintaining a large established brand, it has never been more important to invest in quality design. When created with skill and intention, design uses the right combination of design elements to help communicate messages in the most effective way while also reflecting your brand’s personality and values.

Joanna Gaines’ personal brand as an interior designer is one that very effectively showcases how utilizing good design reflects your professionalism, as well as your brand’s personality and character. Gaines uses her blog “At Home” to connect with fans by discussing the behind-the-scenes workings of every aspect of her work and occasionally her personal life. The blog’s layout is simple, easy to navigate and uses a neutral color scheme of cream, green and charcoal that allows the high-quality photography of interiors to become the focal point. The utilization of these design elements perfectly reflects the brand’s wholesome, rustic, down-to-earth personality. “At Home” is an example of how a well-executed design can help create connections with your publics while being a strong reinforcement of your brand’s identity.

Joanna Gaines' blog, At Home

An excellent and timely example of quality design conveying a brand’s values is the graphic recently tweeted by Nike. The graphic served as Nike’s contribution to the conversation surrounding longtime brand partner Serena Williams and the catsuit she wore to this year’s French Open. The French Open faced accusations of sexism, racism, and elitism after subsequently banning catsuits, citing concerns about lack of “respect for the game and the place.” The graphic tweeted by Nike features a black and white photo of Williams playing in the catsuit, along with the simple white serif copy. The design evokes a dramatic and meaningful tone, highlighting Williams over everything else. The graphic communicates to Nike’s followers that the brand values equality and sportsmanship over protecting the status quo.

Your website, as well as highly visual social media sites can often serve as a consumer’s first impression of you, your business, and your product or service. Whether used effectively or not, the visual components that your brand puts forward will convey a certain message about your brand’s professionalism, personality, and beliefs so always invest in a positive impression

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