People Need People: The Lessons I’ve Learned While Leading A Student-Run Agency

When I stepped into my role as Roxo President, I had so many big ideas of things I wanted to accomplish and where I wanted to see the agency go. What I quickly learned was that leading an agency of young adults, yes, is about the big things, but it’s also about all the small victories along the way. During my time serving as president, I have learned the importance of teamwork, trust and positivity, the fact that people need people, the importance of organization, and finally, learning to enjoy the roller-coaster you’re on because it goes by quickly.

Teamwork. Trust. Positivity.

Every day holds something different at Roxo, TCU’s student-led advertising and PR agency. Some days are filled with client meetings, others are full of focusing in on your work, and others are unknown. Some days feel like everything goes your way and others feel as if you just can’t finish everything that needs to be done. But what I have learned during my time in Roxo is that you can’t control everything. All you can control is how you act when things don’t go as planned. Your team is there to support you. Having a positive attitude and taking everything day by day is the biggest lesson I have taken away from my time in Roxo. Life gets busy and people get stressed, but checking in with your team and agency goes a long way.

People need people.

Between Zoom and a mainly digital world, I have come to realize the importance of people. Collaboration and teamwork have never been more vital to a productive and supportive workplace. At the end of the day, people need to know that they are valued and that they add something to their team. Sometimes I think when people get caught up in the stress of work, they forget that their teammates are human too. We all need a minute to take a step back and just have a conversation. Our agency works to establish a company culture that supports each other beyond our accounts.

Organization is key.

As I conclude my senior year at TCU and Roxo, I agree with everyone that has come before me -- it does (and did) go quickly! Looking back on the difficult days and the amazing days of college, I know I have gained maturity, life-long friendships, a strong work ethic, and determination. If I had one bit of advice to a younger me…enjoy each and every day (even the tough ones). You will come out stronger and wiser, just take it day by day!

Taking lessons learned into my career.

Leadership means continuing to learn. Although I have learned a lot in my role as president, I know that there is so much left for me to experience and grow from. The most important things I have taken away, aside from my advice above, is to always trust your gut and to tell your own story. Make sure you are pursuing things that you love and that make you happy. This is your life and you’re just now getting to write all the chapters. Enjoy it!


Haley Thompson is a senior Strategic Communication major and Business minor at Texas Christian University. She led Roxo, TCU’s student-run agency agency, managing 30 agency members. In her free time, Haley enjoys taking a minute to relax doing yoga, spending time with friends and family and feels everyone should dress to impress.

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