From Politician to President: The Important Role of Public Relations in Politics by Abbie O'Brien

1. Creating Awareness: A communications director and strategist in a political campaign holds an important role, and that role is creating awareness of the candidate they are working for. This is extremely important at all levels of government. With the multitude of candidates who run for each position, the job of a public relations official in a political campaign is to make a candidate stick out. For example, in the 2016 election there were over 15 Republican nominees, the communication directors for each candidate had to do something to make each candidate stick out. And it was the directors of Trump, Carson, and Cruz who did this best. These directors all focused on the uniquely specific qualities about each candidate, Trump's reality T.V. show, Carson’s infamous surgeries, and Cruz’s recognition in Texas. These can also work with originally lesser known candidates. Former President Barack Obama was essentially unknown before his campaign. It was the work of a communication director and a social media team that turned an unknown candidate into a front runner for president and a world known name.

2. Defining an image and keeping a consistent message: It is an essential public relations role to get a candidate known but also to keep a candidate’s message and image consistent and accurate. To gain the trust of voters it is important for a candidate to keep a message consistent throughout the entirety of the campaign, which is why it is essential to have a multitude of public relations officials on a campaign team. They can plan events, slogans, social media posts, and press releases. And these leaders have the knowledge to plan a successful campaign with a specific message. Behind every great politician, is an even better public relations team.

Current Example:

★ Beto O'Rourke is a democratic from El Paso who is now tied in a senate race against Texas legend, Ted Cruz.

★ This seemingly impossible task has been accomplished with the help of a public relations team.

★ The team has strategized many ways to get Beto known in Texas, including visiting every county in Texas, hosting numerous town halls, and even a “Run with Beto” event.

★ It was public relations team that turned an unknown senator from El Paso into the man that could change Texas politics.

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