How Creating Social Media Content For A Student Run Agency Allowed Me To Learn & Foster Engagement

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Showing is Better than Telling: Using images is a useful tool for social media because it not only makes it easier for consumers to identify the purpose of content, but also leaves a lasting impression. For example, Facebook posts with an image receive 85% more engagement and increase retweets by 35% on Twitter.

Use Your Customers and Fans for Your Brand: Showcasing customers and fans on social media not only helps build credibility but also breeds loyalty. Prospective consumers will be more open to your brand after it has been endorsed by consumers. Keep in mind that consumers are more likely to buy a product when a brand engages with them directly. By sharing consumers’ and fans’ posts, brand loyalty is established because they will feel like they have a role in your brand.

Crafting Content to fit the Network:It is critical to recognize that each social media network is different and requires unique tactics to build engagement. One important tip is to know the demographics for each social media network. Then you can alter the content to use key features on each platform and attract the strategized consumers. For example, 68% of adults use Facebook while only 35% use Instagram.

Knowing When the Time is Right: Despite the implantation of social media algorithms, posting at the right time remains crucial. A post receives the highest levels of engagement in the first few hours, meaning that it is important to figure out what time of day your followers will be most active. If you want to know when to post you must first decide who you want to engage with. For example, if teenagers are your target then posting at night would be a good time because that’s the most uninterrupted and active time for teens.

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