Confessions of a Student-Run Agency — How Does it REALLY Work?

In today’s economy, businesses that don’t invest in the promotion of their products or services often are unable to reach new consumers and, therefore, grow their businesses. It’s for that reason, that one of the most significant investments companies make is in their marketing and advertising. A company will pay massive amounts of money to its advertising agency to define its organization’s brand, run new marketing campaigns, update its website, and so on. But just because marketing is a big deal doesn’t necessarily mean companies have to spend big.

I know, not what you expected to hear from a strategic communication major. Right?

This is true for small businesses, especially. Companies don’t need to break the bank to market the business and expand to new customers. Student ad agencies, such as Roxo, offer a much less expensive and equally effective option compared to the more costly creative agency option.

Many of these small businesses assume that because our employees are full-time college students, our scope of work is less comprehensive than other “traditional” agencies. I’m here to tell you this simply isn’t true. Our organization’s structure, as well as the caliber of work we produce, are comparable to those of other Fort Worth digital agencies. So, I bet you’re wondering – if this is true, how exactly does a student agency work?

Student Agency Structure

Our agency pairs with organizations for a semester-long or year-long partnership. And throughout the semester, our Vice President of New Business works with new clients to define their needs and goals for a strategic and personalized scope of work. Once the semester begins, your business will be assigned to one of our three account teams, including a designated Account Executive, Creative Director, Copywriter, PR Manager, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, and Account Planner. We also have a designated photographer and videographer for any of your visual needs.

Our teams manage deliverables and deadlines using Trello, an online project management platform. Organizing all projects on this platform allows for full transparency among teams, and helps keep everyone accountable in making sure their work is completed on time. Another way that Roxo ensures highest quality deliverables for its’ clients is that, unlike other agencies, each team is given at most two clients per semester.

The overall structure of the Roxo student-run agency

Guidance from Strategic Communication Professionals

Since we’re students in the field of communication, it’s important to have support and direction from faculty members with real-world experience. That’s why we have outstanding faculty advisors who guide our research, strategy, and creative execution based on their years of industry experience in advertising and public relations. Their counsel allows us as students to be armed with strong ideas and real-life advice from communication professionals.

Our Roxo advisors look over all of our deliverables and provide us with helpful feedback to ensure our work is held to the highest standard. Being in constant communication with our advisor’s aid in our workflow and creative process. Having the ability to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of these advertising and public relations pros makes our creative more straightforward and our campaigns more effective.

Great Experience for Us. Great Price for You.

There’s no doubt that the overall best aspect of student-run organizations like Roxo is that they help students gain real-world experience while assisting businesses in achieving their marketing goals at a significantly discounted rate. Our agency charges 15 - 20 percent of what the typical Dallas advertising agency would charge. We also give a 20 percent discount to nonprofit organizations in order to meet our mission of creativity for good for the greater community

Great marketing and great experience for a great price! What’s not to love?

As you already know, investing in the promotion of your business is vital to the success of its growth. It’s an investment that can make or break your business, although it often breaks the bank along the way. Student-run agencies such as Roxo give businesses a fiscally-responsible option to grow their brand while gaining creative ideas and work from future industry leaders.

If you’re interested in potentially working with Roxo to grow your company’s business, please drop us a line in our “contact” tab above.

Emmaline Huels is a senior Strategic Communication major at Texas Christian University. She is a Project Manager for the student-run agency, Roxo, Texas Christian University’s advertising and public relations agency located in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. In her free time, Emma enjoys being active, spending quality time with friends, and facetiming her family back in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

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