Clubhouse: The Disruption that Social Media Needed

Need an invite on Clubhouse? I’ve got you, since I managed to collect 5 extra with the time I spent on the app “researching.”

Don’t know what Clubhouse is? Imagine live podcasting with an interactive audience. Now think of any topic you can imagine.

Clubhouse is the new audio-only social media app that allows users to create a “room.” Here, they can have a conversation with anyone, about anything. The possibilities are endless. You can imagine how disruptive this has been in the social media space. But exactly what are the disruptions that Clubhouse is causing? What does this mean for social media platforms in the future? Let’s check it out…

1. Clubhouse is Real-Time

No faking it here. The app’s “rooms” are live and real-time only. There’s no listening back, there’s no rewinding or hitting pause. Unlike its cousin, the podcast, Clubhouse moderators have to create a conversation on the spot and keep it going. Only so much can be planned. You never know who might pop into your room, and you have to improvise accordingly (Hello? Oprah is on Clubhouse?).

This live format forces everyone to be authentic. What I mean is, there’s nothing more authentic when your children run into the room calling your name. Many people are attracted to Clubhouse for this very reason. The spontaneity and truth of conversation is appealing, especially when compared to the structure of podcasts and other social media apps. This trend towards authenticity is a new look for social media, considering that society often focuses on how these platforms play a part in promoting a false sense of success and happiness. Clubhouse is changing this problem and is pushing us to reimagine what social media could be: social, and fully focused on building relationships.

2. Clubhouse Makes Networking Fun

Are you a social media manager? Hop into a room where other social media managers are talking about how to keep up with constantly changing algorithms. Are you an entrepreneur? Countless rooms are ready for you to listen to great expertise-- and share a little of your own! Clubhouse is offering a new look at networking, building relationships, and professional education. And you can do it all from your phone in your coziest PJs.

3. Clubhouse is Taboo

Tattoos. Sex. Overall these may not be taboo topics in an average conversation for young people in the U.S. Our experiences here, with less censorship and more freedoms to speak, differ greatly from those around the world. The idea of joining a Clubhouse room to talk about these topics is not much to blink at.

However, for women in the Arab world, any platform allowing these discussions is rare. According to Reuters, Clubhouse has become an app strongly used by Arabs seeking to talk about topics otherwise left out of public conversation (like tattoos, sexuality, and women empowerment).

Clubhouse is... Romantic?

At a time when people are desperate for human contact and ready for “normalcy” after over a year of this global COVID-19 pandemic, making connections online can be hard. However, the Clubhouse app was released at just the right moment (as everyone online started to get that heavy Zoom fatigue). Now, people are building not only professional relationships on Clubhouse, but also friendships.

It doesn’t stop there though. People are even finding love on Clubhouse. Stories like Pauleanna Reid have us wondering what the limit of possibilities this app on this app. We’re all familiar with dating apps and Instagram DM, but now people are finding love, entertainment, networking, education and more from one app. Never has everything been this easy to access in one place.

What Do We Do Now?

There you have it: four ways Clubhouse is single-handedly changing the way we look at social media. People around the world are gaining the ability to engage in an authentic platform, take part in essential yet hard conversations, and even have the opportunity to be set up on a blind date-- all possible because on a single platform. Possibilities are endless, and disruption like this is the key to unlocking that authenticity.

My only tip? Social Media Managers: I know you just caught onto Tik Tok and Reels, but you might want to make room for Clubhouse. Keep it REAL. Keep talking. Keep up.


Mackenzi Abbott is a junior at Texas Christian University studying Strategic Communication and Fashion Merchandising. She is a public relations manager for Roxo and loves to exercise her storytelling skills through writing. Mackenzi is also a public relations and social media manager for the Be Fearless You Foundation. When not in class or at work, she can be found singing in the car or shower (not always well), hosting her podcast with her best friend, and exploring new fashion and media trends. Mackenzi a huge advocate on social issues and doesn't hesitate to use her voice and help others find theirs.

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