Best of Advertising: Print and Video

Advertisements can either make you dislike or admire a brand. When it comes to my favorite ads, I want to feel something. The best ads should make you feel a certain emotion whether it is a passion or even empowerment. There are many factors that can help one decide whether an advertisement will be successful or not. I want to share with you my favorite print and video ads and why they are effective in capturing my attention.

Two successful print advertisements:

1. Heinz Ketchup

Heinz ketchup takes a simple concept and turns it into a full ad campaign. They capture integrity, cleverness, and emotion. Having one center illustration and headline keeps the ad from being complicated. The illustration portrays the ketchup bottle as a tomato, pure and straight from the farm. The background has a slight radial gradient coming from the center, adding emphasis on the design. Desire is the emotion that Heinz wants you to feel. As a lover of all foods, this makes me want to purchase Heinz ketchup. This ad clearly targets people who are concerned with their products being fresh or organic. As a graphic designer, I look for these key notions of simplicity in my designs. Sometimes less is more in the world of design!


This LEGO ad captures a playful, childlike emotion. It takes the imagination of a child and shows it through their product. When playing with LEGOs, one can envision a completely different reality. LEGO’s target market largely consists of parents. Parents would be inclined to purchase LEGO products because they challenge their kids to use their imagination. There is nothing better than seeing kids use their creativity and be proud of their invention. This print ad evokes emotions of playfulness and cleverness. The print ad also has no headlines because the message is simply understood. Overall, it is simple, creative, and powerful.

Two successful video advertisements:

3. You Can't Stop Us- Nike

Nike commercials have a reputation for their ability to empower others. This commercial captures characteristics of unity, teamwork, motivation, change, and strength. When it comes to commercial advertising, I look for brands that seize my attention. This video is successful due to the emotional power it holds. The video not only advertises Nike as a whole but builds a reputation of unity and reliability. It highlights moments of victory, weakness, and vulnerability.

4. 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Commercial, Lost Dog- Budweiser

This Budweiser commercial is an absolute tearjerker for dog lovers. This specific commercial is a part of a series following the companionship of a man and his puppy. The commercials first appeared during the 2013 Super Bowl. Budweiser uses the emotions of best buds, a longing for friendship, and love of animals to attract viewers. The reason I admire this commercial is because it feels like I am watching a movie. There is a genuine story being told that makes me want to be a part of the Budweiser community. Furthermore, commercials are always good when they include adorable puppies. Budweiser did a great job with this campaign; it’s evident that they made an effort to create a beautiful commercial.

The Importance of Analyzing Ads

The ability to understand and analyze ads is important as a graphic designer. At Roxo, I keep track of trends and inspiration, then transfer that knowledge to my work. On my team, we communicate a lot about our progress. One of my contributions as a graphic designer is offering my feedback and insight on our advertising designs. It is important to be open to feedback and critique, especially when a part of a team. Working at Roxo has taught me to use my skills of critiquing and apply that to my work.


Laura Cisper is a dog-loving, coffee-drinking, and always busy graphic designer at Roxo Agency. She is currently a junior BFA graphic design major. Laura loves spending time with her labrador retriever, playing tennis, and watching reality tv.

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