Our History.

How we got here

Since 2011, Roxo has been a dynamic workplace at TCU, made up of polished agency professionals who take pride in producing impeccable client work. It was founded through a corporate partnership with BNSF and the BNSF Foundation and started with only 12 students. Today, Roxo has 31 student agency members who are continually growing their talents and serving their clients every day. 

For us, X marks the spot. Roxo student agency means clients first, creativity to the core, and creating a community that matters.


For our clients, it means great work. A great experience. And getting a fresh perspective from an agency of creative rebels with a cause. 

We are Horned Frogs, we bleed purple. Sure, the color means royalty, but it’s also the color that promotes one of our core values, creativity.


Our student agency is fueled by diversity, learning, and service. We explored different languages, cultures, and ways of seeing the world until we came across the Portuguese translation for purple, Roxo.